West Berlin, Germany | 1986

1986 – 1989, I lived in Kreuzberg, West Berlin.

A cultural melting pot.

From Oranien Bar;
To Cafe M – Goltzstrasse 33:
To drinking beers at the Risiko.
To dancing at Dschungel Club – Nürnberger Straße 53,
To hanging with Nina Hagen, Nick Cave & Bilxa Bargeld.

I experienced the best years of my life in #Berlin

But let me tell you – getting a job was a bitch! [laughter]

Yet, I got one!
A time I will never forget!

Listen to Full Story here: https://ynottruth.podbean.com/e/west-berlin-1986/

Correction: I made 1200 Duetsche Marks per month not per week.

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