#STOPWAR in Ukraine | Остановить войну украина 


Ynot Truth Podcaster, Tony Eason says STOPWAR in Ukraine. Остановить войну украина 

In support of the Ukrainian Citizens & Президент України, #Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, I have pledged to assist in getting “the truth” out to the #Russian people. #STOPWAR #UkrainiansWillResist

Therefore, I have uploaded the audio portion of the YouTube Video here on Podbean. Listen to it with your eyes closed & imagine what is occurring in the war in Ukraine: https://ynottruth.podbean.com/e/ukraine/

The full YouTube Video can be found here.

Это самый быстрорастущий гуманитарный кризис на континенте со времен Второй мировой войны.  Людям, убивающим других людей, не следует аплодировать. Война должна быть остановлена.

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