Producing the Ynot Truth Podcast and/or any v/blog or podcast is no easy task. Podcasting requires camera equipment, mics, studio lights, scriptwriting, video & audio editing, social media campaigns, marketing, branding, distribution, monetization & daily hours of dedication.

I dream of the day; I have a podcast support team.
But for now, “It’s a one-person show.”

If you appreciate my transparency & would like to see this podcast flourish; please donate what you can to Venmo, Paypal or Patreon.

Whether $1.00, $5.00, or $8,000,000, each penny brings me closer to paying my San Francisco high rent, maintaining my 2 websites, podcast & social media pages, affording studio equipment upgrades, and producing a professional-level product.

Regardless, I send you love.
Tony Eason

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