Godox SL60W | Vblog Rembrandt Studio Lighting

#Vblog Studio lighting & backdrop can “make ya or break ya!”

After reviewing several YouTube Lighting Tutorials & Reviews, because of the affordable price & functionality, I choose the Godox SL60W for my studio lighting.

Godox Sl60W Technical Stats:

  • Daylight-balanced, 5600K
  • LED Light.
  • 10-100% Dimming Capabilities.
  • Color Accuracy.

Presently, I’m testing studio lighting techniques [to set the mood] for the vblog aspect of the Ynot Truth Podcast.

Studio Lighting Techniques Options:

  • Split,
  • Broad,
  • Paramount,
  • Loop.
  • Hard Light.

Ynot Truth Podcast Studio Set-Up:

  • Camera = (2) Canon M50 [upgrade = Canon M50 Mark II
  • Microphone = Shure Mv7
  • Backdrop = Black Vinyl. 
  • Studio Lights = Godox SL60W
  • Lighting Technique = Rembrandt [not quite there / work in progress].


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