California AIDS Ride / AIDS/Lifecycle | A 540-Mile Bike Ride Saved My Life

At the age of 32, I realized that there was more to life than:
guzzling alcohol, snorting cocaine, ingesting ecstasy, speaking of what others need to work on, and/or bathing in self-pity.

Therefore, I put down the cocaine and embarked on a 540-mile, 7-day bike ride titled California AIDS Ride #2 created by Dan Pallota & Pallota Teamworks.

Listen to how the bike ride changed my life.

Note: Presently Tony Eason has completed twenty AIDS rides from San Francisco to Los Angeles [now titled AIDS/Lifecycle].

Listen here:

If you would like to read more about Tony Eason’s twenty AIDS/Lifecycle / California AIDS Bike Ride Experiences – click here:

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